Typography to the Tune of Music, Art & Love

With a natural & self-encouraged form of synesthesia that mixes sound, visuals & emotion; a rich heritage from a family full of music, art & a remarkable strength of love; husband formerly an industrial engineer, now disabled illustrator whose older work can be found in the shop; exceptionally creative kids; and a long career in commercial art & independent art sales (whew!), I've been happily entrenched in some creative endeavor or another my entire life.

After some time in commercial graphic design jobs & freelancing, I became fascinated with the intrinsic power of typography to influence the tone & impression of a message. This love of letterforms married with my particular brand of synesthesia, with sound manifesting itself visually in my head, not just in full color but with lyrics - words! - moving almost as if alive - zooming, falling, rising & growing to match the singer's breath and the rise & fall & emotion of the music, with little bits of imagery here and there that might pop up by association.

((( Aside, just so you know: no, I'm not on any sort of drugs. At least not any not prescribed to me. And I'm fairly certain I'm not crazy. ;) Synesthesia - an involuntary mixing of the senses - is very real, quite fascinating in that the experiences are always unique to the individual, and far under-researched, imo. )))

Eventually my passion turned into more of a full-on obsession with putting it all into a more shareable form: music and quote inspired typography art, with occasional illustration added as the inspiration strikes. The art may not always (or even often) come close to what I see in my head, but the synesthetic experiences provide the foundation and core building concepts of every piece.

That's the life of an artist - this one at least! - ever-learning, ever-evolving, ever-reaching farther and higher. I love every moment of the process, and I hope you enjoy the end product just as much. I especially love creating custom pieces - not only does it help me to drive myself to greater creative heights, but I soo love clients' happy reactions when intended gifts and special event projects we work on together come to the perfect fruition. :) So as you might guess...

* ! ~ * ~ ! * WEDDINGS ARE MY JAM * ! ~ * ~ ! * What's your song? Art that's special to the couple can be a uniquely stylish statement, as a beautiful & meaningful addition to the wedding. If it sounds like a good fit for your event to include a romantic typography piece (or multiple pieces) featuring favorite lyrics from your special song, I'd delight in creating the art for you in any size you like, along with any coordinating signs you need, all in your chosen colors and styling. As with anything in wedding planning, project time is a key consideration - there's creation time, printing, shipping and so on, so get in touch early in your planning! You'll receive gallery quality heirloom prints to keep, treasure & display in your home after the wedding -- alternatively I can create printable sets for you if you'd rather DIY.

Final note: Wholesale is available for retailers - custom requests included! Message me for mini sample packs & further detail.

Final final note: Connect with me on Instagram @liltnmagic for regular updates on new & old faves available in the shop, and on Twitter @liltandmagic for a veritable feast of inspiring art, brilliant quotes & sharp small business content.

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